Honorary Life membership — Periodically, CAPRCBM recognizes individuals that have provided outstanding service.  At the discretion of the Board of Directors they can bestow the recognition of an honorary membership.  Honorary members are annually recognized at the CAPRCBM Awards and Installation Banquet.

Individual membership $50.00 — Individual members and Commissioners and Board Members that are not part of an agency membership.  Benefits are extended to the individual instead of to the agency.  Individual members receive an individual member code number that can be used to receive benefits from the Association and its affiliates. 

Agency membership $250.00 — Each Commissioner or Board Member receive the same benefits as part of the agency membership. Commissioners and Board Members in this category are covered by one agency membership; and, each Commissioner or Board Member will use the Agency member code number for affiliate’s benefits such as discount to workshops, conferences and meetings. 

Sponsoring membership $300.00 — Sponsoring membership is open to vendors, businesses, and supporters of CAPRCBM that do not qualify for agency or individual membership.  CAPRCBM encourages park and recreation related businesses to embrace the values and goals of the Association and provide financial support so that the mission and goals can be met. 

Past President Life Membership -- Dues shall be waived and each Past President Life Member shall be entitled to all of the privileges of the Association and shall have one (l) vote.