How you as chairperson carry out your role has much to do with the success of the board.  A weak chair often fails to move a board along and may be unable to save the board from indecisiveness and the tendency to dance around issues.  Whereas strong chairs have been known to run roughly over dissent and participation, the point is not simply that you should be either retiring or strong.  The point is that you should lead individuals to become a leadership group in which members never assume they can relax their responsibility because the chair will be responsible on their behalf. 

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CAPRCBM’s legislative program supports state and federal political actions of interest and concern to park and recreation agencies.  Our affiliations with the California Park and Recreation Society (CPRS) and National Park and Recreation Association (NRPA) provide us with a direct line to Congress and the California Legislature. Our advocacy is heard far and wide.  Locally, we send our messages through the CPRS Legislative Committee with the assistance of Doug Houston, the CPRS Legislative Advocate.  We continually monitor bills that could impact parks and recreation, sharing our concerns with congressional and legislative leaders as well as the Governor.

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Park and Recreation Commissioners and Boards play an important role in local government. As advocates, they lobby for legislation, share information with local leaders, keep a pulse on the community they serve, and advise local officials on issues pertaining to parks and recreation. Since Commissioners often term-out and Board Members may lose an election, it is imperative that valued information be transferred to new Commissioners and Board Members so that the community they serve maintains faith and trust that their local resources are continuously made available to them. 

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