2016 Charles Kaufman Family Scholarship Recipient
          Heather Vilhauer, California State University, East Bay  

Simply put, I chose parks and recreation as a course of study because I am a parks and rec kid at heart. From the time I was in preschool, I spent my summers and out-of-school time participating in, then later volunteering and working in the parks and recreation field. Parks and recreation truly helped me develop into the person I am today. As a middle school student, I was bullied daily. School was a miserable place for me, however I got through the day (and the year) knowing that my parks and recreation program spaces were safe from that world. Participating in and then later volunteering at these programs provided me the opportunity to develop my self-esteem and self-confidence, along with leadership and problem solving skills. While investigating my options for college majors I found that as a field, parks and recreation provided me with opportunities to give back to the field that gave so much to me and to do what I wanted to do most, to improve people’s quality of life and to strengthen communities.Since beginning my undergraduate studies, I have completed a bachelors and masters in parks and recreation. Each program helped me solidify my passion for the field of parks and recreation. In my current position, as a lecturer at California State University, East Bay (CSUEB), I have the opportunity to use this passion to interest non-majors in joining our department . To continue my position with CSUEB, I needed to return to school to earn my doctorate. While the field of study for my doctorate is Organization and Leadership.


2016 J. Richard and Betty Teague Scholarship Recipient
Jessica Bustos California State University, East Bay


I began working in the Recreation field while I was pursuing my bachelor's degree. At the time, my main focus was serving underprivileged children in Orange County through after-school and summer programs.  I instantly fell in love with Recreation because I knew I was, daily, making a positive impact on the community. Thus, after graduating and moving back to the Bay Area, I looked for jobs within the recreation field. I was fortunate to begin working as a Recreation Leader for the City of San Leandro's Recreation and Human Services Department. While in this position, I primarily worked with older adults, promoting and fostering independent living, enhancing quality of life, and building a sense of being, all of which is often lost among the older populations. Within two years, I was promoted to a Recreation Specialist position in Youth Sports, Teens and Summer programs. In this position, I see first hand how I help create a sense of community through people and recreation programs. I am able to help working parents by giving their children a safe place to go after school and when school is not in session. I am able to give adolescents new skills and abilities, while giving families new memories that will last a lifetime. I am also able to widen my knowledge of what happens in the public sector, as I am a liaison between the supervisors/managers and the public. Through my experiences, I began to realize recreation is not just a job for me, but a passion that I would love to develop into a career. As a result, I know I must obtain a Master's Degree in order to achieve my goal of becoming a Recreation Supervisor and, ultimately, a Recreation Manager.

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2016 CAPRCBM Scholarship Recipient
  Marshall Gorham, Indiana University

The Indiana University School of Public Health states that its Master’s program in Parks and Public Land Management, “provides students with approaches to managing land-based operations at national, state, regional, and local levels.  [It] emphasizes the stewardship of lands entrusted to many public agencies and private enterprises in order to improve the environment, sustain public enjoyment of parks and facilities by employing contemporary management practices, and balance resource protection with recreation and use of lands.”  Upon completion of this program I will have taken courses in conservation, leadership, fundraising, policy, research, strategic planning and management, visitor behavior, etc.